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5 Software to Track Employee Time for Small and Medium Businesses in 2022

Time tracking apps are essential tools for time management. They can help you, and your team be more efficient, organized, and get more done.

A time tracking app can help you, and your company save time and money.

There are many time tracking apps with numerous features. Invoicing, productivity monitoring, GPS tracking – there are many options.

However, the question is: Which tool is best for you and your team?

It all depends.

We did all the research and gathered the top time tracking apps into one place. This makes it easy to choose the right one, whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner.

1. UBS PMS (Time Tracking Software)

UBS Time tracking software is a way to keep up with the organization’s record of the working hours and hours employees spend on different tasks at work. It helps you to make sure that your employees are compensated accurately. UBS PMS is designed to help you with all the aspects of handling a task, creating a project, and planning it, and then ultimately track the time invested into its completion. Here, you can make sure, the task is running on time. Add assign tasks, add a due date, set priority, designate tags, and mention followers. UBS PMS gives you the ultimate time tracker to keep your resources on point, working on the pre-planned tasks of your project.

Special features

  • Accurate reports for entry, tasks, and project
  • Easy to know the project’s progress
  • Help you to analyse the budget and find discrepancies

2. DeskTime

DeskTime is an easy-to-use time-tracking app that offers three key features: employee monitoring, project management, and productivity analysis. This productivity tracking software for employees is also designed to assist managers, and their teams in identifying their unproductive habits by sorting web pages into “Productive” or “Unproductive” categories.

DeskTime tracks your time and calculates your productivity and efficiency each day based on categorizing URLs, apps, and apps. The more you spend time on productive apps, the greater your daily productivity.

The productivity and unproductivity of URLs will depend on the position of each user. DeskTime lets you create employee groups and allows you to manage the productivity of each group. This allows you to set Facebook up as productive for your marketing team and unproductive for everyone else.

 Special features

  • Daily productivity timeline.
  • Downloadable and detailed visual reports.
  • Auto photos
  • Pomodoro timer.
  • Integrations with project management applications
  • Absence calendar
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Invoicing


3. ProofHub

 ProofHub is an online time and project tracking and management software that includes powerful collaboration features. It is easy to use, making it easy for teams and individuals to join the software.

Once you start working on any task, an automatic timer will start tracking each billable hour. ProofHub also allows you to make manual time entries. You can also use the time data for invoicing purposes.

ProofHub allows you to track individual productivity with time reports. To simplify billing and invoicing, it integrates with third-party apps like FreshBooks. You also get advanced features such as online proofing, filesharing, group chat and custom workflows, kanban boards and note-taking.

Special features

  • Advanced features for project management
  • Collaboration tools in real-time
  • Reports custom

4. Hours

Hours is a time-tracking app that only has basic features. It is best suited for those who don’t need more advanced features. Hour is a mobile app that allows you to keep track of your timers and switch between tasks.

You can colour-code your projects and tasks in Hours to manage them. This means that you can easily distinguish between tasks and projects by using a particular colour.

The app’s timeline allows you to adjust your recorded timestamps quickly. You can drag the start time back to 10:00 if you have started a task at 10:00 but forgot to turn the timer off until 10:15.

Special features

  • Colour-coding task and project.
  • Reminders to set up time tracking timers.
  • Compatible with Apple Watch

5. Timecamp

Timecamp allows you to track your work time using a cloud-based solution. You can use the desktop app or manually set timers.

This app allows project managers to communicate, track billing hours, and monitor the status of their projects. The app allows you to set up automatic payroll and send invoices. It also features an employee productivity monitoring app to see how productive your employees are during workdays.

Timecamp’s unique integrations make it stand out from other time tracking apps. It offers more than 50 integrations to project management software (Asana and Basecamp) and help desk apps (Zendesk). This allows you to import and sync your tasks and tickets into Timecamp and begin tracking time instantly.

Special features

  • Get your daily productivity analysis.
  • Invoices can be created and stored for clients.
  • Receive notifications whenever a client views an invoice.
  • Attendance tracker.

What is the best time-tracking app?

There is a productivity app for everyone, whether you are a business owner with many employees, a freelancer working with several clients or someone looking to organize your life. Time tracking tools help you complete tasks and projects on time. They can also be used to combat procrastination and improve your communication skills.

 This is why we created this list of notable apps that will help to reach your goals quickly. Apps that provide a complete experience have been our focus. These apps include powerful features such as automated productivity tracking and GPS-based time tracking. Budgeting, project management, workflow oversight, and shift scheduling are just a few available options. These tools are great for increasing efficiency due to their reliability and simple interface.

 You will have to decide which app best suits your needs. However, we hope that this list will allow you to take employee time tracking to the next level.

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