Gorgeous high Altitude Treks through the Himalayas


Absolutely stunning Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, is located inside the Himalayan Treks. Amazing views of mountains and trekking spots at higher elevations are sure to take your breath away! This list of trekking destinations will lead you on the most thrilling adventure ever. Explore the beauty of our nation. Views of rivers, grasslands, stunning mountain peaks, and many more are to be seen from the top.


See these amazing Himalayan treks:


1. Chadar Trek


Based on the name it is said that the Chadar Trek traverses the Zanskar River in Leh, Ladakh during the winter months. In winter the trek can be enjoyed when the water is frozen. When you walk along this stunning trail, you can view the massive boulders hidden under the frozen. Chilling the town of Chilling, which is tiny in the icy interior of Zanskar is the point of departure for the trek. The path to follow is quite long, covering 105 km from one end to the other.


2. Roopkund Trek


The lake is also known as the mystery lake’, it is among the most breathtaking Himalayan treks. Because one might come across bones that were laid on the seabed or the lake’s edge and could be the remains of those who passed away into the ninth century. the trek is also referred to as Skeleton Lake Trek. It is a glacier-based hike and a glacier hike, the Roopkund Trek is full of amazing views and lush meadows all along the route. Eyes of hikers are thrilled with the abundance of white and brown mountain peaks.



3. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

It is situated near Kashmir Valley. Kashmir Valley. The high altitude alpine lake trek is an absolute delight to witness. In spite of its difficult nature it will provide the traveler with plenty of memorable memories. In addition the mountains covered in snow are an absolute delight for the eyes too.


4. Annapurna Base Camp


The trek in the Annapurna area is extremely well-known. With rice paddies and rhododendrons on the route as well as with the Annapurna Range as a backdrop this path is stunning. Apart from being the world’s highest mountain, ranked tenth and the fascinating Annapurna, it also features an 8th-century summit for a demanding trek.

The mountaineers who love Annapurna are attracted by the beauty of it and the ABC journey offers a range of opportunities for climbers as well as mountaineers. Machapuchare, Annapurna South, and Hiunchuli are only three of the stunning mountain views to be seen within the Annapurna range prior to starting your trek.



5) Goecha La Trek


A 100-rupee note is easily apparent. Mountain region of GoechaLa is shown on the note. From the top of Goecha La, you can observe Mount Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest peak. It is situated on the southwest corner of Goecha’s peak.


6.) Hampta Pass Trek


In the middle of the Himalayas, Hampta Pass Trek is among the most breathtaking treks. The entrance for Lahaul Valley comes from the beautiful natural green valley that is Kullu. In Sethan Village, Hampta Pass gets its name. Glacier valleys, vistas, as well as pine forest vistas await you during your hike. There are wide fields, open fields, and rivers that are swiftly moving.


7.) Everest Base Camp


Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal is one of the most stunning trekking destinations, giving you breathtaking views of nature’s masterpieces. Tenzing along with Edmund Hillary traveled this trail and so did many of the trekkers. It is a trek to Mount Pumori which is the world’s most awe-inspiring mountain climb. It takes you through the lives of Nepalese people living in the Sherpa village as well as the Dudh Kosi valley prior to getting to the top. It’s an amazing view at Mount Everest from here, which is the world’s highest mountain summit.


8) Markha Valley Trek

Indian Ladakh is one of the driest and coldest areas within the entire country. In the Himalayas the Markha Valley Trek is regarded as one of the most diverse treks. The Markha Valley’s Buddhist tradition makes it unique as a destination to trek. Since the climate in Ladakh is different from that across the entire country it’s crucial for a person’s body to get used to the climate before starting an adventure. The trek through Markha Valley is also known as the “tea-house hike.” The views of the Zanskar mountains, rivers and meadows will amaze you.


9) Dayara Bugyal Trek

High-altitude meadow is the thing Dayara Bugyal is known for and it’s among the top stunning meadows at high altitudes within the Himalayan Mountains. The bouldered hike offers an amazing view on The Himalayan Alps. Following Bedni Bugyal, it’s the second most stunning meadow in the nation. This Dayara Bugyal Trek is one of the most stunning treks within the Himalayas. Its popularity on the island increased as time passed, and it became a renowned tourist destination.


10.) Malana Village Trek

From Kasol it’s about 21 km until Malana Village. To reach this village, Malana you have to take a walk of 1 km away from Malana Main Road. The town is known for its production of hash which comes from cannabis plants, so you’ll encounter hippie culture on your journey. It’s more pleasurable to walk towards the main settlement due to the stunning green hues which surround the. Its lush, green mountains and flowing river Malana is a wonderful spot for trekkers to escape from everything.




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