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How To Pitch Your App: The Secret To Getting Funding

Launching an app is never easy. But if you want to get funding for your app, it can be very difficult. The first step to getting funding is making a compelling pitch so that people want to invest in your idea. Putting together a pitch that will impress investors and persuade them to invest in your company is a huge undertaking and not one without its challenges. In this article, we’re going to show you how to craft the perfect pitch and give you three steps on how to do so.

Why Pitch Your App To investors?


Investors are looking to invest in the next big thing. They want to make money, and they want that money fast. This is why they want you to pitch your app to them so they can decide if it has potential. The best way to do this is by telling a story about how the app will make people’s lives easier. You should include any statistics or data that back up your story so that they know it makes sense and there is a demand for your idea.

What to Include in Your Proposal?


●    Add Detailed information about the app


If you want to get funding for your app, it is important to provide as much information about it in as little time as possible. Add information about its features, the target audience, and what type of data it collects. This will show investors that this is a good investment opportunity and make them more likely to invest.


●    Information about why someone would want to buy the app


It’s not just about the app, it’s about what the app can do for you. The best way to pitch your app is to focus on the benefits that it provides. This information could include how long the app takes to use, how many people have downloaded it, or any other features that make it stand out and what good will it bring to the users. As we know, a lot of applications emerged in the advent of technology. That is why most investors would consider why your app is different from the other existing ones.


●    Details about how it performs and is different from other apps


Most apps are designed to solve a problem that the user is facing. Finding a new app can be time-consuming, so it’s important to make your app stand out from the rest. A good way to do this is by providing concrete details about how your app performs and what it does differently from other apps. In addition, you should provide screenshots or videos of the app in action. This will not only make it easier for potential investors to conceptualize what your app does, but also make them more likely to invest in your company.


●    Price and how much profit will be made if the app sells well


Some people may not think that you need to set a price for your app and that it’s only about the “brand.” However, if your app doesn’t make enough money, then it will never be successful. The price needs to reflect how much profit will be made when the app sells well. You should also consider what other similar apps cost so that you don’t try to sell yours too cheaply or too expensively. You also need to include a marketing plan for your app, including how you will get customers to buy it: advertising and retail partnerships are just two ways that you can use.


How to Present Your Proposal?


●    Make Use of Video Presentation


A good way to present your plan is to combine a written proposal with a video. The written proposal should include the problem the app was designed to solve and the complete features of the app. The video will show the audience what you are proposing, such as how the app works and what it does for them. It is important to have a confident, clear voice when presenting your plan, and be sure not to get nervous even if you are feeling anxious. You also need to make your video professional. Utilize free video editing software with basic tools like adding animations, subtitle-generator, video cutters, and any other commands.


●    Prepare a Prototype of Your App


If you’re looking for funding for your app, don’t forget to prepare a prototype. It’s best to develop the prototype first and then figure out what features need more work. It doesn’t have to look good; it just needs to be functional and show how your app works. IThe more complete the prototype is when you show it to potential investors, the better chance you’ll have of getting their support.


●    Be Professional and Presentable


You should dress professionally and be well-groomed. You should also have an appropriate way of introducing yourself and your app. Have a brief speech prepared that outlines the main features of your app, how it can help people, and why you chose to work on this app in the first place. Avoid going into too much detail about how you created the app or any other technical aspects unless someone asks for more information.



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