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What To Do When Your Diamond Scanning Machine Keeps Erroring? 

The diamond scanning machine that we use to identify coloured diamonds and their characteristics need to be calibrated regularly to ensure that we can get accurate results from them. If you own your diamond scanning machine, or if you work in a jewellery store that has its machine, you’re probably wondering what to do when your diamond scanner keeps erroring on you? Read this blog post to learn how to solve the most common diamond scanner machine errors.

Why Does My Diamond Scanner Not Work?

First and foremost, you should make sure that your diamond scanning machine is powered on. To do so, power up your diamond scanner machine; if it does not power on immediately, look at its LED light indicator. If there are no lights present or if they appear dim, then something is wrong with your diamond scanning machine’s battery. You’ll need to replace its batteries as soon as possible before proceeding with further troubleshooting efforts; otherwise, you may damage your scanner and/or cause it not to work again later down the line. Once you have verified that your diamond scanner machine has a full charge, try re-scanning your diamonds using its software. If you have updated your diamond scanning machine software recently, check for any new updates available on their website. Download them if any exist and install them onto your computer to fix any bugs or errors within their code. Also, check for any firmware updates available for download on their website; these will ensure that all of your scanners’ hardware is functioning properly. In addition to updating your software, double-check all of the cables connecting each piece of hardware (e.g., from scanner to computer). Make sure everything is connected securely and properly into place; if anything appears loose or damaged in any way, repair it as soon as possible.

Check The Cables.

Before you start blaming your diamond scanning machine for being defective, make sure all of its cables are properly connected. Someone may have inadvertently yanked out a wire or two while cleaning. Double-check your connections and try running a test scan again. If nothing seems out of place, contact customer service if you continue having issues; otherwise, it may be time to upgrade your machinery.

Clean Your Diamond Scanner.

If your diamond scanning machine keeps erroring, check if it’s dirty. It’s not uncommon for dust, oil or another build-up to accumulate on your diamond scanner machine and ruin its performance. To get it back up and running, clean all its surfaces with a clean cloth and make sure there aren’t any tiny particles lying around on any of them—those might damage or disrupt its readings.

You should clean your diamond scanner after every use so that you won’t have trouble with error messages during your next inspection. A general rule is to brush up any visible grime and wipe down all parts of it with water and mild soap. Dry everything properly before using it again for reading diamonds. Remember to keep your Diamond Making Process dry at all times because excess moisture can corrode internal components and short out your machine. Once you’ve cleaned it thoroughly, give it some time to air out completely before reusing it.

Other Common Issues With A Diamond Scanner.

Some issues aren’t as simple as your diamond scanning machine is offline. Before you resort to contacting technical support, there are a few things you can try out yourself. You might be able to troubleshoot some of these issues without reaching out for support. If any of these solutions don’t work, contact your vendor right away and explain what you did, so they know exactly what steps you took. Once they understand that, they should be able to come up with a solution fast. Here are a few common diamond scanning machine errors A diamond’s weight isn’t reading correctly: Make sure you have set your unit correctly. Many machines have settings like carats or grams. Also make sure you’re not accidentally measuring on a different scale than what you’ve set your unit to—for example, grams instead of carats. This is also important if using two different scales in one session (like stones and weights). Inaccurate readings can also occur if  Diamond Scanning Blog were placed in a specific order or pattern when testing—the first stone will be measured last after all other stones have been measured once each, so it’s important to put them back in their original positions when re-testing them if necessary.

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