Debunking Popular Myths Surrounding Artificial Intelligence – Fact vs. Fiction

Well, in today’s times, there is a lot of hype about the potentials of artificial intelligence, and there are also several misunderstandings surrounding the idea of artificial intelligence. Well, most of these unrealistic myths come from the futuristic, dystopian content we read and watch. While many things from watching that content have happened to be true, a lot of things have been proven completely wrong. The same goes with the prophecies done in the past. Most importantly, when we read and watch content about artificial intelligence and the futuristic technologies, we instinctively get scared because that entirely different dynamic and lifestyle is too much for us to absorb. However, we never realize that the lifestyle we have today would be just as scary to someone from the past if they visit the 21st century.

Well, that said, we all cant deny the fact that change is inevitable, and every generation of people learn to live in those changes because they are easily able to adapt to that lifestyle. So, the narrative that we have built around the idea of artificial intelligence is mostly just myths. If you want to learn about the myths and the actual facts about artificial intelligence, read along and increase your knowledge now.

Myth Number 1: Artificial Intelligence Will Take Control Over The World

Almost all science fiction movies about a dystopian future that involves robots and the artificial intelligence portray robots and the AI as the antagonist. This negative portrayal of advanced technology and the use of robots in the future has made humans believe that artificial intelligence will control the entire planet. The narrative is that artificial intelligence will take control over governments, nuclear resources, which will result in an unnatural life and the human life at risk. Well this is not true and is highly fictitious. The truth is that there still is no artificial intelligence technology or software that’s capable of controlling humans. Even if supposedly there was such a robot, no country’s government or military would hand over their nuclear reserves to an AI.

Myth Number 2: There Will be Automatic Developments In Artificial Intelligence Without Human Help

As we discussed, there is no artificial intelligence software or robot made yet that could function and develop automatically without human help. However, the statement that AI will develop on its own is completely false because right now whichever AI software there are, they work on the data that is put in them through a human. So, even in the future it is humanly impossible to make a robot or AI work without putting in data by yourself. Besides, one more thing that the AI is highly reliant on, is the data it receives, the quality of your AI’s analysis is highly and directly dependent on the accuracy of the data.

Myth Number 3: Artificial Intelligence Will Function as the Human Mind

The dynamic of an AI software, and of a human brain are two completely different things. Well, when it comes to the human brain, it is the most natural and the most beautiful thing and nothing in the world can work like that. However, when it comes to AI advancements, no matter how advanced artificial intelligence gets, at the end of the day it is reliant on the human that has created it and data that human has put into it. While modern AI have been inspired from humans, it is still not possible for them to function and work like a human brain. It is humanly impossible to replicate a human brain and create it into software form.

Myth Number 4: Only Big Tech Companies Will Have Artificial Intelligence Software

Well, there different kinds of Artificial Intelligence software, and the statement that only big companies will have them is not completely true. It is just the start and when it comes to these software, they will soon be common among small companies as well. When it comes to debunking this one myth, right now one thing we see big companies with AI software is that they are normalizing it by allowing the public to use it. For example, when it comes to the google, or Facebook market places, businesses use artificial intelligence software to extract and analyse data. So, keeping these advancements in mind, we don’t believe it is true that artificial intelligence will only be limited to tech giants and big companies. It is already accessible, and in today’s times, it is not possible to keep these software away from the public.

Myth Number 5: Artificial Intelligence Will Take Away Employment Options

Well, one of the most common myths and concerns that people have regarding artificial intelligence is the fact that the rise of artificial intelligence will take away employment from humans. Well, this is another false assumption, because even if artificial intelligence does simplify things, it will not take away human employment options, instead it will create more work opportunities. There will be plenty of new jobs introduced where humans will have to do less mundane tasks and will have to make the artificial intelligence software run smoothly.

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Myth Number 6: Superintelligent AI Will Rule the World

Superintelligent AI forms when an advanced general AI learns from its own self and develops itself on its own independently from the data in it. First of all, the possibility of the formation of a Superintelligent AI is nowhere around. Secondly, let’s suppose if it does happen in the far far future which is highly unlikely, there will be more technological advancements to actually keep a balance between humans and robots. So, we cannot debunk this myth because we don’t know about the future, but considering the technology present today, it is impossible to even create a Superintelligent AI.

Myth Number 7: Humans Will be Ruled By Robots

Well, another popular narrative we come across in movies and books about AI antagonists is that robots will be made evil by governments and there will be a lot of violence because AI robots will have control over humans and weapons. Well, to make such intelligent robots there is a very high computing power needed which is not available in today’s times. Besides, it also requires complicated algorithms, which are not possible in today’s scenario or even in the far future. So, it is highly fictitious to think that AI robots will rule humans.

Final Thoughts

Well, most of the myths today about AI are just taken from dystopian science fiction books and movies. We hope debunking these myths was helpful for you to understand the real capabilities of artificial intelligence.

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