Oily Hair

8 Tips to Fight Oily Hair

 Organic shampoos and conditioners are often very helpful in fighting oily hair, but what if you want to take it one step further? If your hair is still oily after you’ve washed it, try these 10 tips to get rid of oily hair.

  1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

The best skin doctor in Lahore says oily hair often results from over-washing. When it comes to your hair, less is more! Once a day should be enough unless you have extremely oily hair.

If your hair is always greasy and looks flat, a dermatologist can help you find an effective and low-cost treatment for oily hair.

  1. Use a Clarifying Shampoo

I’m not a dermatologist, but I have heard from my best skin doctor in Lahore, a good dermatologist in Lahore, that when it comes to fighting oily hair, regularly using a clarifying shampoo is important. Doctors recommended using one of her favorite products.

  1. Get Rid of Any Frizz

Consider your hair type if you’re tired of curly hair and oily roots. Straight, wavy, or curly—if you’re prone to oily roots, it’s time for some major detangling. For a straight mane like mine, I recommend: brushing through any knots with a wide-tooth comb and then following up with a clarifying shampoo with tea tree oil.

  1. Use Dry Shampoo Whenever Possible

A dry shampoo is a great tool for anyone struggling with oily hair. It soaks up excess oil and leaves your hair looking fresh and clean between washes. And because you can use it any time of day or night, it’s one of my favorite ways to fight oily hair.

  1. Rinse with Cold Water After Showering

Hot water tends to wash away many of our skin’s natural oils, making hair appear oilier. To fight oily hair, wash your hair with cool water after showering—and try not to use too much shampoo. While tempting, washing your hair with hot water strips its natural oil.

By rinsing with cool or cold water instead, you’ll preserve those essential oils and create less oil production on your scalp.

  1. Change Your Pillowcase Daily

We’re going to let you in on a secret: oily hair is caused by a build-up of oil on your scalp, which is typically caused by regular shampooing. Washing your hair can often remove sebum and other natural oils (which are good for your hair), causing oil glands to overdrive. It also doesn’t help that many shampoos contain drying detergents like sulfates.

  1. Never Go to Bed with Wet Hair

Going to bed with wet hair is one of the easiest ways to wake up with oily hair. The chlorine in tap water can also make your hair look greasy and weigh it down, so wash your hair less often if you’re exposed regularly.

If you can’t go more than a day without washing, try switching out tap water for filtered or bottled water and gently towel-drying rather than rubbing your hair until it’s damp.

  1. Keep Your Scalp Clean

The first thing you can do to fight oily hair is keeping your scalp clean. If you are trying natural remedies, a good scrub with water and baking soda should help stimulate oil flow from your scalp.

A skin doctor or dermatologist in Lahore may recommend that you wash your hair once daily instead of more frequently for one week to kick-start your new routine. Some professionals also recommend shampooing every few days rather than daily if your scalp produces excess oil.

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