How to select best washroom recessed panel

It can be a three in one recessed panel or a single recessed panel that can be installed in bathrooms and washrooms so that everyone can use it whenever required. The three in one bathroom recessed panel consists of a paper towel dispenser, an automatic hand dryer and a waste bin so that you don’t need to roam in the washroom and waste your time to search for everything separately.

The washroom recessed panels are made of stainless steel having a smooth finish that gives it a shiny and pretty appearance. These panels keep your washrooms clean and tidy giving it a modish look. It can be easily installed at the wall with the attachments that are available with it. The panels are made with smart technologies that saves your time and gives you the right and eligible usage.

The recessed panels are found in different designs that can be chosen as per the need and traffic of the area where it is placed. Listed below are some of the best recessed panels that are perfect for every washroom.

Kinox Washroom Panel

The three-in-one washroom panels having a hand dryer, a tissue dispenser and a waste bin will make your place gleam. This stainless steel recessed panel with a shiny and smooth surface is a perfect pick for your bathroom.

As it has all the three things altogether you don’t need to install each and every washroom accessory separately, you can just mount this one on the wall and can use it whenever needed. The panel is tall and convenient and doesn’t take up more space on the wall.

● It is an easy to use device with different features.
● It has an automatic hand dryer in-built that starts as soon as you put your hand under it.
● The panel can be easily installed.
● The waste receptacle that it has is convenient for all day long.

Euronics Washroom Panel

The washroom panel from Euronics is also highly popular among the users. Its sleek design and some automatic features makes it a useful product for your washrooms. The panel is made from a strong and durable material having a smooth finish and a perfect shine.

The panel consists of a hand dryer, a paper towel dispenser and a waste bin that is necessary in washrooms. Take the paper towel to wipe your hand and throw it in the waste bin. After that, make your hands dry with the help of a hand dryer. This will give you clean and hygienic hands.

● The panel is shimmery and has a smooth surface.
● It has a waste bin so that no one throws the towel here and there due to which hygiene is maintained.
● It has a tall and slim design that makes it easy to install on the wall.
● As it is easy to use for kids and adults, everyone can use it.

Washroom Panel

Another popular one in the list is the Dolphy recessed panel. It is also made of stainless steel and is easy to use. The recessed panel from dolphy also has a special place among the users. It is also a wall mounted recessed panel that is available in different sizes.

It can be a three-in-one panel or a single panel having a tissue dispenser mounted on the wall to save the space of the washroom. You can choose any of the panels depending upon the use and traffic of the area where you need to install it.

● The three-in-one panel is the most popular one.
● It is taller and slimmer made of a rust-free and waterproof material.
● It has curved corners which don’t hurt the one using it.
● It can be easily installed in your washrooms and bathrooms.

Two in one Recessed Panel

Apart from the all in one panel Dolphy also has the two-in-one panel with a tissue paper dispenser and a dustbin. It is also a wall-mounted panel that is smaller in size and can be easily installed with the help of screws and attachments available along it.

The tissue dispenser has a large capacity that is favourable in high traffic areas such as malls and hospitals. As it has a good storage capacity you don’t need to refill the dispenser again and again for the use. The attached dustbin maintains cleanliness in the surrounding area.

● This two in one panel is highly popular for low traffic areas.
● It is easily refillable when the tissue towels are over.
● It is made of a durable and long-lasting material.
● The panel is waterproof and non-corrosive.

Why Choose a Recessed Panel?
The washroom recessed panel has a number of benefits. The very first thing is that it maintains cleanliness and hygiene in the surrounding. As the panel has an attached dustbin you don’t need to search for the bin separately as you can simply just throw it in the bin.

Secondly, it is made of a durable material which is rust proof and also waterproof. It is made of stainless steel that gives the panel a smooth and shiny surface. The in-built automatic hand dryer, a paper towel dispenser and a dustbin saves you from mounting everything separately as you can just mount the three in one panel on the wall and use it undoubtedly whenever required.

Choosing a recessed panel rather than choosing everything separately saves the space in your bathroom. If your bathroom is not so big then you should definitely choose this one and mount it on the wall. There are different designs and sizes available in the panel and you can pick the most desirable one for your place.

You can choose any one of the above mentioned washroom recessed panels above and mount it on your bathroom walls. The panel keeps the surround clean and it also gives an ideal and precise look to the bathroom. If you are give your bathroom an impressive appeal then you should surely choose a recessed panel and mount it in your bathroom.


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