Top 5 Indian Tea Franchises in 2022

One of the most consumed beverages on earth is tea. Almost half a billion Indians add to the tea-loving populace in the world. Now tea is not confined to household kitchens. It has stepped out and entered myriad tea shops across the country. A tea stall/shop greets you at various nooks and corners of cities.

As the demand grew, so did the coffee shops. Maintaining hygiene and freshness, these tea shops turned into cafes with tasteful interiors and a welcoming ambiance. With time, these tea joints gained popularity, and here rose the requirement for tea franchises. So, let’s talk about the top 5 Indian tea franchises in 2022.

  1. Kumbakonam Degree Coffee


Don’t be confused with the word “coffee” in it. Apart from brewing aromatic filter coffee, the brand also prepares refreshing tea. It started in 1992 with its first outlet in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Over three decades, it has earned the trust of a whopping number of customers.
With time, it gained the repute of being one of the best tea brands in South India. Enjoying immense popularity and ever-increasing footfall, the brand is growing with more franchises.


It is broadening its reach to people in all of South India. It began with the motive to transform the way Indians consume the much-loved beverages – coffee and tea. Let’s have a look at the uniqueness and unparalleled quality that it presents.

  • Kumbakonam Degree Coffee sources tea leaves from the Nilgiris.
  • It serves authentic flavors of Tamil Nadu in the form of snacks served with tea. Thereby, keeping the health of its customers in mind without compromising on the quality of eatables.
  • The tea preparation uses fresh, pasteurized milk.
  • It puts high-quality products on its shelves for retail sale.
  • With its more than 100 chains in South India, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee franchises  is increasing its in various states of South India like Karnataka, Telangana, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, and Hyderabad.

Tea Time

Making a humble start from the little town of Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh, Tea Time is the 4th largest tea franchise brand in India. The tea brand uses hand-picked tea leaves from the finest tea gardens. It brews these leaves to perfection with ingredients having nature’s goodness. Thus, a refreshing cup of tea reaches you.

The franchise of this brand is quite promising. Take a look at some of the aspects that Tea Time brings:

  • Since its inception in 2016, Tea Time has grown to more than 3000 outlets in India.
  • The unique selling point of the Tea Time franchise is the affordable price range at which tea products are offered.
  • Its outlets are mostly at prime locations near colleges, bus stops, highways, hospitals, and IT companies.
  • It also creates opportunities for young entrepreneurs and builds sustainable lives for farmers and several unorganized working groups.
  • The brand serves unique tea blends, which are valued the most by its customers and investors.
  • Dum-tea is one of its specialties. Additionally, it also serves coolers and milkshakes.

The Chai Theka India 

Starting in Delhi, the Chai Theka, also known as TCT offers a fascinating combination of western vibes with the royal Indian culture of serving Chai. This famous, much-loved and admired chai chain brand started in 2019. In a short period of three years, the chai chain has gained more than 25 outlets in 15 cities across India. How about having a glance at this fast-growing tea brand with its franchises all over India?

  • TCT operates by being environment-friendly. For this, the chai brand has taken the initiative of using soil-based kulhads. Thereby, protecting Earth from harmful plastic pollutants.
  • Another smart move that the TCT has taken is the use of organic sulfur-less sugar, preventing harmful chemicals from entering your body.
  • Chai Theka serves tea, coffee, snacks, shakes, and juices in an Indian traditional manner.
  • Tea and coffee here are made with RO water, rice milk, and premium chai patti (tea leaf) with special spices and ingredients like cardamom, cloves, and ginger.
  • It provides two business options to take franchise – the Kiosk Model and Dining Model.Chai Point 

Founded in Bengaluru, Karnataka in 2010; Chai Point is an Indian tea company and a cafe chain that serves tea-based beverages. It is considered to be the largest tea retailer in the country. During all these years, it has rapidly gained the market space with an increasing number of outlets.

In October 2017, the brand also began selling its tea varieties on Amazon. in. Let’s see what all it brings to the table that makes it a celebrated tea shop brand.

  • Chai Point acquires tea leaves and other ingredients to prepare tea from famous tea -estates like Darjeeling and Assam.
  • From introducing Vada Pao in its menu and manufacturing its exclusive Chai Point glasses to having a 24 x 7 electric chai outlet at airports; the brand has come a long way.
  • The brand also started dealing in consumable packed goods to be savored along with tea.
  • It also offers home delivery under its ‘Chai-on-call’ facility. It has earned Chai Point over 3 lakh customers a day across 8 cities and different regions.
    Chai Sutta Bar

A rapidly growing Tea chain in India, Chai Sutta Bar, also called CSB came into existence in 2016. The network of classic cafes began in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and now is among the most profitable tea franchises in India. It is noteworthy that contrary to its name “Sutta” and “Bar”, Chai Sutta Bar does not offer cigarettes. The brand lives by the motto – “The only smoke we love is of Hot Tea.”

Have a glance at this small slice of heaven for chai lovers and the way it is serving them.

  • Chai Sutta Bar has now expanded to over 150+ citiesin 3 countries.
  • It is currently operating over 300 outlets and has evolved into a multi-national brand.
  • CSB started with the exclusive idea of offering an affordable ambiance to everyone.
  • It envisions blending kulhad’s health benefits with tea. Thereby, it hasn’t only enhanced the chai flavor but also provided employment opportunities to Indians. Thus, promoting an eco-friendly environment.

Thus, these tea shops enable people to enjoy tea at a reasonable price. Visit a tea café for refreshing sips or order at home, the chai delight will surely energize you. The ever-growing tea franchises are extending their reach to customers, expanding themselves, and adding to their brand value.

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