Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Pistol Unspoiled

Whether it is just a sports activity or you are using the gun on a regular basis, keeping your gun pristine is something that you should consider the most. You don’t want to spend every after 6 months on your gun because they were not kept clean after usage. This is the major reason why firearms start to act clunky, miss the shots, or malfunction. Even if you are about to use enhancement kits like micro Roni gen 4, it will not work as effectively as it supposed to be.

This is why cleaning your firearm to keep it in its best condition is crucial. If you are anew to firearms or wondering how you should clean the gun in the most proper way then continues reading the following.

Protect The Crown

One of the most important parts of a gun barrel is its crown. The barrel crown is actually the muzzle at the end which is crucial for accuracy. If this part got damaged then the bullet will not clear the muzzle at the same speed and accuracy as it was shot. Anytime when a bullet is shot from this will result in an uneven release and which will decrease the accuracy.

This is why it is crucial to clean the chamber whenever you get time to clean. This can even be applied to the MCK CAA for Glock or any other gun. If you are going to clean the revolver then from where you are cleaning the muzzle end, use an aluminum or brass rod. Using the steel cleaning rod can damage the crown.

Avoid Rough Cleaners

Using cleaning agents can cut down the time. But depending on what you are using and where you are using it, it can damage the surface or finish. Whether it is made of steel, titanium, or aluminum they can be affected. Take special care while cleaning especially titanium. The Smith & Wesson extensively uses titanium in some models of the revolvers.

Titanium is a durable material and it features a protective layer. If it will be damaged, the metal will be prone to erosion and gas cutting. This will damage the metal further. The S&W revolver should be cleaned but one should care about the cylinder as it is made of titanium. You can clean titanium with normal procedures and high-end oil and solvents.

However, avoid using abrasive products such as Scotch-Brite, sandpaper, or crocus cloth. If you are going to clean the CAA MCK accessories then make sure the solvents shouldn’t damage the polymer body.  Before buying the cleaning products, check the warning about titanium such as nickel, bluing, chrome, cerakote, and others. Most cleaning products come with such cautions.

Don’t Use Steel

For the longevity of your gun, don’t use any steel item to clean the gun. This includes stainless steel brushes and steel cleaning rods. The steel can scratch the surfaces and the edges may get dull your rifle or firearms. Also, don’t use steel rods even if you are going to clean the barrel from the rear side.

If you are going to use the steel rod by rubbing on your steel rifle or gun then brass rods are a good option. This is even a big no when you have cleaned your polymer-built MICRO RONI CAA. Aluminum splinters can be removed by sharp edges, and they may stay in the gun. Brass is also durable but it won’t leave any scratches.

Use Lead-Free Primers

This should be number one on this list. If you want your gun shiny all the time then using the lead-free primer would be a great idea. That black crud is formed with the regular primer and not just the powders only. Lead-free primers can drastically decrease the damage and the gun cleaning get much faster.

You can use small primers like 38 Special, .40 S&W, 9mm, and .45 Auto instead of large ones. They are widely used in some factory handgun ammunition. Look for the lead-free primers for small pistol and small rifle forms.

Clean the Chamber

While cleaning the chamber, a huge amount of grease will get removed from the chamber of your bolt action rifle when you are cleaning the barrel. It still requires specific attention. For a though cleaning, lightly coat a patch in powder solvent, use a short rod, and use it to get the job done.

Keep doing it until the patch comes out clean. After this, use a lightly oiled patch around the inner side of the chamber.

Cleaning the Bolt

When the bolt is removed, spray it with available action cleaner. There isn’t any recommendation so you can choose what you want. Wipe it gently and thoroughly to clean all of the visible grime. Dip a Q-tip in a powder solvent and gently clean the blot’s face and clean the bolt’s face this also includes the extractor.

For this purpose, you can dismantle the bolt frequently and clean the firing pin and lubricate the appropriated parts. Using a little bit of grease where lugs are meeting will sure benefit in long run.

Clear The Firearm

This is another point that should have been on the top of the consideration list. Before you start cleaning your weapon, make sure that there isn’t any single bullet exited in the gun. It is often reported that the gun went off and it caused some serious casualty to the gun owner or people around. This should be your first step to cleaning your gun to keep it empty and any ammunition should be kept away.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your gun can keep its performance top-notch for the year. Just make sure that you are going to use the right amount of solvent that is compatible with your gun’s frame and its build. You can apply these techniques while cleaning the Glock Micro Roni and other MCK for Glock and 9mm pistols. Platforms like CKS tactical are offering guides about maintaining the guns and you can even look for compatible MCK accessories to enhance the performance of your 9mm or Glock.

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