How can you Fix Facebook Comments Not Loading?

How can you Fix Facebook Comments Not Loading?

Three is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular social media channels we have in today’s time, which overall attracts about more than 2.45 billion active users every month, which is, of course, a big number for sure.

However, the application can sometimes be very buggy because many users report different issues, one of which is “real Facebook comments are not loading.”

Therefore, we thought of getting into this research more thoroughly and bringing out some handy alternatives for you to resolve this particular issue.

However, the fact is, it could be most of the time very irritating and frustrating as well when you can’t view the components, since it overall hampers the dole purpose of this particular platform, e.g., networking and socializing with the people.

At the same time, there could also be some very common factors of your comments being not loaded; here are some of them:

  • You might be facing some internet problems due to which the comments do not load
  • The admin might have disabled the comments of the particular post you are trying to open on
  • Your Facebook application might not be updated
  • Some severe caching problems in your browser
  • Continuously refresh your Facebook application

In most cases, it also happens that refreshing the Facebook application resolves the problem because sometimes the native applications get more stuck. So, it is the time when you can perfectly try refreshing the application by swiping it down on your mobile phone.

This process will overall refresh the Facebook feed, posts, and comments, and after that, you can perfectly try accessing all the comments easily. However, if you are still somewhere stuck with this particular problem, you can move to the next alternative.

Clear your browser’s cache

Do you know that your browser cache could also be the real trash most of the time when the sites do not load and work they should be? Therefore, whenever you see a particular situation or a problem on your end, always make sure to clear your browser’s cache.

Clearing the cache of the browser and then loading the particular website once again is probably the most helpful solution for the Facebook comments not loading or loading late. However, if you do not find this method much suitable for you, move to the next one!

Double-check if your internet connection is fine

Since we have already discovered the fact till now that it is a common issue of Facebook comments not loading appropriately, that can happen to anyone with some minor internet speed issues also. However, if you see a similar thing on your end, double-check your internet connection to ensure that you get a fine bandwidth to access your website.

This could also happen because of the poor mobile data or maybe due to the lower bandwidth of the Wi-Fi you use, making the Facebook application and the comments not load fully.

Update your application

So, we now also understand the fact that you might be lazy and do not pay that much attention to the new updates of the application that you get on your Android or iOS smartphones – right? So, what should be the best possible solution/alternative to this thing?

Since you have now landed up with the Facebook issue, be it loading time or some other issue, then you now need to make sure you receive any notifications regarding the particular applications’ updates.

So, if you see the new updates or the versions of the apps, you must update them. Once you are done with doing this, then you head over to sign in to your Facebook account with your credentials once again and then try loading the comments. This way will somehow help you sort out the issue within a short time.

Quit the applicate/ or Force restart the app

Hence, we all know and understand the fact that Facebook is undoubtedly one of the digital platforms that are now worth billions of dollars with billions of users and thousands of clients in total. So, it’s overall an obvious huge network; however, the platform may still have some glitches.

So, what should be the way to act upon this? The best later is to force quit your Facebook application and then restart it over again. You will now need to log in to your account once again, then refresh your feed to check if the comments on the posts are working fine and being loaded at the right time.

Delete or reinstall the application on your device

This is all over the last but not the least resort; you should start to try uninstalling and reinstalling the application on your phone. Once you are done, then you need to log in to your account with the applicable credentials to see if the comments are now properly loading as you want them to be.

This is something that should have resolved your problem with the comments not being loaded.


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